Commuweb  interactive  is one the most advanced web technology providers in the Middle East. We provide leading Web design, development, maintenance, software services, hosting, information resources and much more. Integrated, these services help each individual user locate, retrieve and manage information and modules tailored to his or her personal interests. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any new Products and Services (as defined below), including the addition of new  Commuweb  interactive  properties shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions.

 Commuweb  interactive  makes available a variety of products and services through the website - (collectively, the "Products and Services") subject to these General Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions"). In addition, there are a variety of special products and services offered through  Commuweb  interactive  that have separate registration procedures and separate terms and conditions, terms of service, user agreements, or similar legal agreement. When you are using any service or product offered on the website - that does not have a separate legal agreement, the Terms and Conditions set forth here will apply.  Commuweb  interactive  also may supplement the Terms and Conditions with posted guidelines or rules applicable to specific areas. In addition,  Commuweb  interactive  also may offer other services from time to time that are governed by the terms of service of the respective service partners.

Because the Terms and Conditions contain legal obligations, please read them carefully.

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The Terms and Conditions contain a variety of provisions that are generally applicable to the Products and Services and some provisions that apply to particular Products and Services. There will soon be a list of links to the various provisions in the Terms and Conditions. The headings contained in these provisions, and reflected in the links, however, are solely for your convenience and have no legal import. While this list of links may help you locate particular provisions, you should understand that you will be bound by the entire Terms and Conditions.

The full Terms and Conditions list will be uploaded here soon.

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